3 Reasons To Skip Christmas Cards And Send A New Year’s Card Instead


1. December Is A Chaotic Month.

The weeks leading up to Christmas are filled to the brim with holiday shopping and obligations. You may want to send cards to family and friends but don’t feel like you have the time to do the cards justice. Sitting down to write your cards after Christmas, when you have less going on, is a wonderful alternative.

2. You Can Wish People A Good Start To The New Year.
A lot of people like that whole idea of starting out fresh and approaching the new year with an inspirational message, so it is kind of fun to wish family and friends a new year and emphasize the fresh start.

3. You Have More Time.
Think you can only send a card immediately on January 1st? Think again. There's no real rule. The first several weeks of January is perfectly acceptable to send a Happy New Year card. The key is to keep in touch with those you love.

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