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I believe coffee mugs are perfect for gift giving because they are such an intimate yet everyday object. Mugs are often first thing you wake up to in the morning – the thing you always reach for. The way it is held in your hands, how it contains a warm beverage that helps you wake up. They heaviness of the ceramic, the smoothness of the handle and the way it feels when it touches your lips. I enjoy creating these giftable objects that share love and laughter between two people.

Make Everyday Caturday

  • 100% white ceramic
  • Size 11 fluid oz.
  • Artwork is printed on both sides of the mug
  • Dye sublimation printing will not chip, peel or fade
  • Microwave + dishwasher safe

Show Me Your Kitties Mug arrives completely giftable - wrapped in cellophane, stuffd with krikle paprer, tied with twine and packed in a sturdy gift box.